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I am a successful filmmaker living in a beautiful, cultural, safe, family-friendly neighborhood in New York City.

I don’t have any children but I very much hope that you can help me change that! I absolutely love children and have a huge family and a network of close friends who I see often. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle – I like to keep my mind active and my body moving, preferably outdoors, in the sunshine.

Expenses paid.

Valid Home Study Approved.

Living in New York City, I have made so many wonderful friendships.

Writers, journalists, teachers, filmmakers — my friends are a talented, dynamic and diverse bunch. All of us are on different journeys through relationships, careers, and parenthood but we all rely on each other for support and…just general laughter and joy.

Growing up with adopted brothers as well as biological siblings, it never seemed to matter that we weren’t all blood-related.

Our parents were our parents, and loved us all equally. In fact, I think my parents felt a responsibility for Chris and Peter that was in some ways even greater than toward their biological children. I think they had a special appreciation for the tremendous gift they were given. I spoke to Peter recently about it, and he says he feels gratitude toward our parents every single day for the life they gave him, and he feels an equal amount of gratitude toward his birth parents for the sacrifice they made on his behalf. It moved me to hear him say that, and it made me feel that this is the right path for me. I, too, feel like I will treat your child as my own but with a great responsibility and appreciation for this incredible gift of trust that has been given to me.

Please call or text Julie 1-800-844-1670 anytime.


I was born in New Haven, Connecticut and grew up in a town on the shoreline. I am the youngest of six children: four boys and two girls. My two oldest brothers were adopted, so adoption is very natural and celebrated in my family. My parents adopted because my mother thought she wasn’t able to have children – and then she had four! To this day, my family still calls me “Boo”, a nickname I got when I was a baby that has stuck for all these years. My siblings Peter, Chris, Sarah, Joe and Tom were (and are) my teachers, my protectors, my supporters — and as adults we are still close.

My nieces and nephews

I have thirteen nieces and nephews, ranging in ages from 2 to 30. I’ve loved watching them all grow up, and have spent many weekends babysitting. My sister Sarah’s three boys Rafferty (16), Finn (18) and Max (20) are incredibly thoughtful, talented and lovely guys. My brother Joe’s daughters Sally (13) and Orla (11) are super smart and sassy. And as for my brother Tom’s two cuties Lockwood (3) and Coco (2) – they are extra special close to me because their mom Valerie is one of my best friends!

I can’t begin to imagine the strength, selflessness, and love that it must take to make an adoption plan for your child.

I hope this letter has given you some idea of who I am and what I might be able to offer as an adoptive parent. I would love the opportunity to get to know you and what your hopes and dreams are – not just for your child’s future, but for yours as well. Please feel free to contact me at 1-800-844-1670 via text or phone. If you would like to email you can reach me at If you have any questions about the legal process please feel free to contact my attorney, Suzanne Nichols. She would be happy to speak with you.

I hope that you know that as difficult as this process may be, you are not alone. There is a lot of love out there, ready to meet you and help you through. 

With peace and love –


​I believe that human connection is what makes this life worth living.

Once all basic needs are met (food, shelter) the most vital thing to a fulfilling existence is that we feel love and connection to other people, whether they are friends, family, spouses, or children. My life has shown me that love can bloom in the most unexpected places – between people with different backgrounds, or interests, or belief systems. To me, adoption represents a beautiful kind of human connection: a love generated by people coming together to help each other, to prioritize a child’s well-being, and to give that child the best possible future.

My best friend Coco is an important part of my adoption journey.

Coco lives in Florida but I talk to her on the phone nearly every day. She is a single mom herself, and she is the one who has told me for years that she believes I should be a mother and that I don’t need to be married.

Coco’s eleven year-old daughter Charly is my goddaughter, and their mother-daughter bond is one that inspires me. Charly is a smart, thoughtful and hilariously funny kid, and I love hanging out with her. She always makes me play at least ten rounds of the card game Uno. She’s also a talented artist and we like to paint together. Her mom has done such a tremendous job raising her, and I know they will both be so excited when I adopt.

Hello, my name is Julie.

​Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me. I realize that if you are reading this, it means you are facing an enormously difficult decision. I hope you see something in my story that gives you some kind of comfort that I could be someone who makes this journey even the tiniest bit easier for you. I don’t know who will read this, but I do know, whoever you are, you are coming to me from a place of strength, bravery and love. The best way I can honor that is to try and express through my story all the love I can offer in return. Thank you for considering me. 

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Why I want to be a parent

Losing my mother when I was in my 20’s was difficult, but as the years pass I become more and more grateful for the time I did get to spend with her. Her patience, kindness, strength, and overall ability to get things done (she worked as a scientist while raising six children) is a constant inspiration in my life. I feel the best way I can honor her memory is to pass on the unconditional love and encouragement that she gave to me.

 I think I would be good at being a parent. I’m stable, patient, calm and organized, but I am also emotionally open. I am at a time in my life when I can dedicate myself to a child, and because I have been able to have such a full life of working and traveling already, I’ll never feel like motherhood has made me miss out on anything. I have the time, energy and resources to provide your child with wonderful opportunities and experiences — but most of all, I could give him or her a whole lot of love.

I have a lot of fun with my nieces and nephews — whether its playing music together, or teaching them to swim in the summer. Sometimes they visit me in the city and I take them to museums or plays. They all would be over the moon to have a new baby cousin — and they would be the best friends (and babysitters) he or she could possibly ask for!

My friendships are enormously important to me.

Coco and Valerie are two friends I made in my twenties that became like surrogate sisters. The three of us are as close as friends can be, which is remarkable because we are each so different. Valerie grew up on the Upper West Side of New York with Panamanian immigrant parents, Coco grew up in Harlem and her parents were bohemian artists, and I grew up playing sports in Connecticut.  And yet, we formed a bond that feels like family. In fact – Valerie is actually IN my family. Five years ago, she married my brother Tom and they now have two kids: Lockwood and (baby) Coco. 

Please call or text Julie 1-800-844-1670 anytime.

Please call or text Julie 1-800-844-1670 anytime.

My brothers and sister are more than family to me - they are some of my best friends and they are incredibly important people in my life.

My sister Sarah and I are especially close. Because she is ten years older, she always has wise advice and offers me perspective on life that has helped me in so many ways. Sarah lives in Connecticut close to our Dad. She and I took many long walks during the pandemic, and it was in those conversations with her that I knew I was ready to start my family. She and her husband Kevin have raised three extraordinary boys, and I think she inherited the natural parenting abilities of our mother. I consider her to be vital to my adoption journey because she has committed to helping me with every step of raising a child.

My brothers are also always there for me when I need them. 

They help me out with the practicalities of life: my brother Chris helped me navigate buying my home, my brother Tom puts up shelves and does repairs, my brother Joe gives me business advice. Older brothers can be very useful!  Your child would have many loving and capable uncles, ready to solve any problem – and provide a lot of entertainment in the process.

Please call or text Julie 1-800-844-1670 anytime.

As you can probably tell, I have a pretty full life, and I can expose your child to a life filled with diverse people, experiences and activities. But – I also fully intend to encourage whatever talents or interests your child may develop on his or her own, even if they are different from mine.

Please call or text Julie 1-800-844-1670 anytime.

I bought a home in New York in 2021 and spent awhile making it comfortable and cozy. I wake up every day so happy in my space. I specifically chose it because it is large enough for a child to grow up in, and is located in a family-friendly neighborhood with great schools, and lots of parks and playgrounds.

New York City is a fun, dynamic place for children. I love sharing all the culture and excitement of the city with the kids in my life.

Open Adoption

Successful award winning Filmmaker, loves children & dreams about devoting her life to a child. New York City life, beach home weekends, multicultural family, adopted uncles, sports, unconditional love, top education & so much more await your baby.

Holidays are big in my family – there are a lot of us!

Though we see each other in smaller groups throughout the year, my family gets together for holidays like Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with big dinners and group gift-giving. My mom instilled in us all a love of music, so sometimes I play Christmas carols on the cello, or my sister-in-law Loretta plays the harp. Ever since I was young we’ve had a tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas all together, passing around the book so each person reads a page (or sometimes my brother Tom will read the whole thing in a funny voice to make the kids laugh).

Please call or text Julie 1-800-844-1670 anytime.

My life now

I have spent my adult life in New York City, working as a film producer. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have found a profession that I genuinely love. I spend my time interviewing people, and collaborating with other creative minds and it really does not feel like a “job”. 

One of the best things about living in a city as diverse as New York is the collection of friends I’ve made over my two decades here. I have lived alone for most of that time, yet I have never felt lonely. I fill my time with small dinner parties, long walks, film screenings, museum outings, park picnics, and in the past few years I’ve been taking cello lessons. I’m not great, but getting better!

I spend many weekends at my Dad’s house by the beach.

My Dad is the number one most important person in my life; he can’t wait for me to adopt and will be very involved. My mother died in 2006 after a long illness. But my dad filled in, and was (still is) my rock.  My Dad is a scientist and he’s a very smart man, not just about science but about life. He is the kind of father who expresses his pride and love for his kids almost every day, and his belief in me has made me who I am. He also loves being a grandpa, and is an excellent teacher; it’s not uncommon for him gather the children around for an impromptu lesson on cell biology. He is incredibly excited to add another grandchild to the family.

My childhood was filled with love, laughter and lots of outdoor activities.

My parents, Vincent and Sally, were both scientists and dedicated to their work, but they were also very engaged as parents. My mother especially always wanted us outdoors and playing sports, often with her. Soccer, tennis, baseball, swimming, rowing, basketball – you name it, she played it. She wasn’t like other mothers, and I loved her for it. 

Education was very important in my family. I went to Yale University and studied history, and my parents always encouraged me to be curious about the world and follow my own path in life. I would make every effort to give your child an upbringing that is as nurturing and full of opportunity as mine was.